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Future bass is a music genre that arose near the year of 2006 in the United Kingdom, United States, Japan, and Australia. It is quite a broad genre of music, offering a wide variety of sounds and rhythms normally produced by a synthesizer. It is described as having a focus on a hard baseline with detuned synthesizers mostly including sawtooth waves and square waves. The sound waves are often modulated on the envelope of a low pass filter meaning the waves are normally cut off. In addition to that, it is common to find the utilization of a sort of "twinkly" sounding rise (Gradual rise in pitch), including arpeggio chords, and vocoders.

Future bass is often described as being "happy trap", since many tracks under this genre have a trap-style beat, but with higher-pitched synths and major chord progressions.

The future bass genre stems from trap, juke and UK garage, having noticeable similarities with each other. It also has origins in the post-dubstep movement in the United Kingdom. It is comparable to chiptune and glitch hop, off of which many, but not all, future bass artists base their music.

Killercats - Tell Me (feat. Alex Skrindo)

Killercats – Tell Me (feat. Alex Skrindo)


Cash Cash – How To Love feat. Sofia Reyes (Boombox Cartel Remix)

Conro - City Lights (feat. Royal) // [Monstercat Release]

Conro – City Lights (feat. Royal) // [Monstercat Release]

Pegboard Nerds - Emoji

Pegboard Nerds – Emoji VIP

Savoy & Sound Remedy feat. Jojee - Leaving You (Original Mix)

Savoy & Sound Remedy feat. Jojee – Leaving You (Original Mix)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLRvUwqm9jM Before there was future bass, there was melodic dubstep. Acts like Seven Lions, Adventure Club, and Bassnectar bridged the gap between the sensation of dubstep’s bass heavy nature and...
Haywyre - I Am You

Haywyre – I Am You


SMLE – Halo (feat. Helen Tess)


Sofia Carson – Back To Beautiful (Alan Walker Remix)

Release Date: 31-01-2017 Label: Sony Genre: Trap Download

The Chainsmokers feat. Phoebe Ryan – All We Know (Conro Remix)


Duumu – Recovery


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