1. When did you first decide you wanted to work in music?
I (Carlo) decided when I was at school, I saw a dj working in a club where I usually went to dance and I spent all night looking at him, after that night I decided that it was the job of my future. Then I met Gianni, who started one of the strongest record store of the south of Italy, Test Pressing, and Peppe who was a very young producer and since then we started together the Daddy’s Groove project, dedicated to our fathers that didn’t believe too much in this kind of job.
2. What was the very first track you released as Daddy’s Groove?
We did a track called “Rendez Vous”, but it was really many years ago and the sound was very different.
3. What music inspires you and who is your favourite DJ of the moment?
At the moment our favorite is Eric Prydz, a very unique and innovative sound, but we are also inspired by many dj’s we work or we worked with as David Guetta and Axwell. And we also have to say that Daft Punk really changed the game in our market.
4. You have had a hugely successful career so far, what’s next?
Thanks a lot, we are really happy and we keep working more and more, at the moment we are producing a lot of new music, we still want to keep a good balance between club tracks and nice vocals more radio oriented. About touring we have an Asian tour and a new USA tour coming really soon.
5. What has the reception from your fans been like with ‘Pulse’?
Pulse is a Pop/Dance track and it’s nice to look at the fans singing it, we really have a great reaction in the clubs when we play it and also a very good radio support.
6. What advice would you give to fans that want to become like you?
We don’t have many advices actually, the only one is to work a lot doing this job with heart and passion as we do. If you can dream it, you can do it!
7. Do you have a special message for DJ’s Life!?
I wanna thank all of you for the opportunity you give us to talk with your audience and for the amazing support! See you soon!


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