Pete Tong – International BBC Radio 1 Live from LA (2016.01.22)

A little bit about Pete Tong

As a DJ, Pete has graced the decks of the best clubs and festivals worldwide. As a producer he has assembled the music for movie soundtracks such as The Beach, Human Traffic and 24 Hour Party People and has produced his own material under various guises.

Pete’s success as a broadcaster, clubland DJ and music industry tastemaker is his ability to create a balance between credibility and commerciality and it not afraid to drop the hits on the decks. “People forget it’s entertainment,” Pete explains. “I wouldn’t be doing this if I couldn’t champion new music, but a mix is the key. And it’s supposed to be fun.”

The dance market has changed a lot since Pete started, but one thing remains the same, people still want to go out and have a good time. “People love music, make no mistake about that, whether and how they buy it right now is one thing, but people still want to party…it’s our job to come up with new parties, new nights, new venues, new themes to keep the scene fresh and exciting.” says Tong.

In the meantime, the ever-active Pete still sees his vocation as he did when he started out, playing other people’s records to get an audience dancing. “We need to constantly remember why people want to come to clubs – which is simply to have a great time and feel the music.” With Tong behind the decks, there’s little worry of failure on that score.

01. The Essential Selection – Intro
02. Eric Prydz feat. Rob Swire – Breathe
03. Tini Garcia – Blue World
04. ID – ID
05. Soulrack – 1995
06. ID – ID
07. ådå – Unsympathy
08. Jesus Nava – Move (ID Remix)
09. MK feat. Becky Hill – Piece Of Me (Live PA)
10. Felon – Burglar Bill
11. The Essential Selection – Interview with Claude VonStroke
12. Claude VonStroke & Green Velvet pres. Get Real – Mind Yo Bizness
13. Riton feat. Kah-Lo – Rinse & Repeat (Live PA)
14. RUFUS – Like An Animal (Yotto Remix)
15. YDG feat. Fawks – Hold Up [Essential New Tune]
16. DJ Bang – Stay In Step
17. ID – ID
18. DJ Nasty – Sperm Donor
19. ID – ID
20. 808 State – Cubik (ID Remix)
21. Eats Everything – Big Discs
22. ID – ID
23. Underworld – I Exhale
24. The Essential Selection – Interview with Richie Hawtin
25. F.U.S.E. – Them
26. Mathias Kaden – Rawtone (Midnight Snacks Remix)
27. Christian Nielsen – What You Thinking?
28. Wood Holly & Sage Armstrong – Ass Out
29. Claude VonStroke & Green Velvet pres. Get Real – Mind Yo Bizness
30. Cassius – Action (Midnight Snacks Remix)
31. Afro Medusa – Pasilda (Knee Deep Club Mix)
32. Lane 8 – Midnight
33. The Essential Selection – Interview with Junkie XL
34. Junkie XL – Into The Canyon (Mad Max Fury Road OST)
35. ID – ID
36. ID – ID
37. Eric Prydz – Trubble
38. ID – ID
39. ID – ID
40. MK – Go Home
41. Idiotproof vs. Eats Everything – Can You Jump
42. Claude VonStroke & Green Velvet pres. Get Real – Snuffaluffagus
43. Weiss – Rollin
44. Jey Kurmis – Page Turn
45. Riton – Down
46. ID – ID


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