Roman Flügel takes control of the BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix decks. The electronic intellectual’s productivity is virtually unparalleled and Roman Flügel, the producer, DJ and label co-owner of Ongaku/Klang/Playhouse has become a gentle giant in the German electro scene. With his own personal style and the privilege of being independent from the usual constraints of the music industry. A free spirit instead of a sheep.

DJ Roman Flügel prefers to make his way through 20 years of “rave”. Contemporary music that includes bleeping house or quirky techno meets futuristic Italo-disco and electronica devoid of all provenance.Source:

01. Essential Mix – Intro
02. Aris Kindt – Braids
03. Simple Symmetry – Best Ice In Guwahati (Marvin & Guy Remix)
04. The Golden Filter – Breakdown
05. Hi & Saberhägen – Raymond
06. Medlar – Loon
07. The Maghreban – Now Easy
08. Mosca – White Mice
09. Randomer – Bell Jam
10. Daniel Avery – Clear
11. Richard Fearless – Metal Dub
12. Harmonia – Sehr Kosmisch (Edward’s Close To Pompeii Version)
13. Harald Bjork – Sabor Latino
14. Iori – Monsoon
15. Cosmin TRG – Motoric
16. Carreno is LB – Migration
17. Talaboman – ID
18. Bicep – Closing Sequence
19. Answer Code Request – Calm Down
20. Roman Flügel – Black Acid
21. Golden Bug – L’Horloge
22. Unloved – Guilty Of Love (Andrew Weatherall’s Guilty Of Dub)
23. Bernard Fevre – Unknown (Benedikt Frey Remix)
24. Arthur Russell – This Is How We Walk On The Moon (Lore Remix)
25. Morgan Geist – Darkstar
26. Roman Flügel – Nine Years (Kosi’s Club Mix)


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