Spinnin approved brotherly force Victor and Stephan Leicher may not be household names, but having bagged one of the industry’s leading imprints and gained some pre-emptive support from the likes of David Guetta and Armin van Buuren, the Dutch duo are showing all the makings of a full blown European explosion. Sampling the familiar of masterful Electro chill maestro Moby’s ‘In This World’, DubVision drive a solid peak time backbone into the ins and outs of that heart-rending assortment of melodramatic chords and emotive vocals. Emerging from the prior with an adrenaline-fuelled assortment of Progressive House grooves, their knack for hard-hitting synth play and distinct rhythmic endeavours make for a promising addition to the duos unfolding discography in a slightly less predictable manner than that of their many competing Dutch peers.

Future Release on Spinnin’ Records: 2012.02.27


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