Glitch - Rock (Promo Medley)

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 House / Progressive House
Release Date: December 17, 2012
Number of Tracks: 4

At the young age of 8, Glitch began
classical piano lessons, and continued them for many years. As his
talents developed, he became more interested in music. By high school,
he had joined the jazz band and taught himself to play the drums. Once
he developed a true passion for music, he decided to further his
knowledge through college & enrolled in University of Central
Florida, where he studied music composition, music history, music theory
and MIDI classes. Being drawn to the early electronic bands of the 80s,
he quickly became enamored with electronic music. Through the years he
has become one of the most sought after musicians/producers for
collaborations in Central Florida. He created a dance/industrial band
with keyboards, samples, and guitar. Thus the GLITCH band name was born
but it didn’t end there. Finally, his love of dance music took over his
life, and once he put his hands on his first turntable, there was no
turning back. GLITCH took to the turntables as if they were an extension
of himself. He quickly created one set after another, while expanding
his record collection all the while. 

has become friends with a number of artists and over time has gotten his
hands on a good number of rarities, unreleased tracks & bootlegs.
His choice in music ranges from industrial, to hip hop, and of course,
the best breaks you can find. Dj Glitch’s ability to create ANY genre
set he so desires enables his style to stand out as both original and
unique. Glitch is currently working on new sets, which promise to be his
most ambitious projects yet and now GLITCH is set to release his latest
single “ROCK” on DJ CENTER MUSIC GROUP, one of the French leading Dance
Music labels based in Paris!

Rock your world with GLITCH’s debut single, “ROCK” on DJ Center Records!


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