February is the month of love, and the first release of the year for Dutch vocalist Mr. Probz emulates that perfectly. “ Till You’re Loved ”, released on Ultra Records /Sony Netherlands is a quest of finding love and the actualization that we’re all just one with the universe. Directed by UK director Richard Paris Wilson the plot is set in Tokyo, Japan. Once the male protagonists steps foot into a secluded bar, he props himself on a stool and takes a look around. He sees couples happily together, friends Page 1 of 5 having the times of their lives and there he is just lost looking for that perfect someone to love.

Then the plot takes a turn when there is a woman that catches his eye, and he makes his way over to her. When she then peels back a piece of his skin on his cheek a pretty powerful image is showcased, showing the universe within his body. After a few questioning moments outside of the bar he regains composure and makes a move to kiss her which causes both of their universes to align, and the closing scene is very remarkable. Both of their bodies disappear and they become one galaxy, finding each of their soulmates.
About Mr. Probz Dennis Princewell Stehr, better known under the name Mr. Probz, grew up in the city of Zoetermeer in the Netherlands. Mr. Probz started his career with well-received collaborations in the Dutch and later, the Page 2 of 5 American Hip-Hop scene. With a strong voice and a superb ear for melody, he made a strong impact, ultimately resulting in a solo career as a rapper, singer/songwriter and producer following his multi-platinum success with his international smash hit ‘Waves’. From a young age, Mr. Probz centered his lifestyle around creativity and the development of a unique talent that has been championed by his peers for many years. He started out using graffiti and painting as a creative outlet and used his daily experiences as inspiration, as he does nowadays with his music, with tracks that are intimate and personal but also powerful and universal. It was a long road to stardom for Mr. Probz, a rocky road, characterized by many dramatic life-changing events. In 2010, he was shot in the stomach in Amsterdam after being “in the wrong place at the wrong time” as he would call it. His fans, the media and his colleagues showed an outburst of support in this tough period, underlining his special role within the Dutch Hip-Hop scene way before he became a worldwide household name. Mr. Probz was able to make a speedy recovery and within a half year, he entered the FunX hip-hop chart at #1 with the song ‘Meisje Luister’ together with Kleine Viezerik. Mr. Probz gained significant recognition after his featuring on ‘Sukkel voor de Liefde’ by Dutch hip-hop act The Opposites. Shortly following this release, Mr. Probz decided to independently release his song ‘Waves’ online. It immediately put him on the map as an artist to watch. The song made it into the iTunes Top 10 in The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal, Bulgaria, Jordan, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lebanon, Austria, Slovakia, Moldova, Grenada, Oman, Bahrain, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Belgium. In 2013, Probz was once again confronted with a life threatening disaster. He woke up to find his entire house engulfed in flames a week after “Waves” had released, which left him no choice but to jump out of his window in order to escape. After the entire house burned down, all he had left were his pants, one pair of shoes and, fortunately, his laptop, which contained most of his records. One day after the disaster Mr. Probz performed Waves live on prime-time national TV and the song would grow Page 3 of 5 on to become one of the biggest Dutch hit songs in history. Then in 2014 “Waves” came to the United States, once Ultra Records had signed the record. Mr. Probz said, “The way things worked out was like a fairy tale.” In September 2013 Mr. Probz released his free downloadable album ‘The Treatment’, a thank you to his fans for their unconditional support. ‘The Treatment’ was a piece of art that embodies where Mr. Probz came from and in what direction he was heading. Featuring a magical mix of raw rap and beautiful melody, of hip-hop and ballads and of rock and soul. One week later The Treatment was released on iTunes and Spotify, entering the Dutch album chart at #7. Following its TV and radio success, single ‘Waves’ was awarded several awards in 2014 including: an Edison (Best Song), 3FM Award (Best Song) and the ‘Schaal van Richter’ (most played song on leading national radio station 3FM), Buma Award (Best Song), FunX Award (Best Vocal, Best Song). German DJ Robin Schulz posted a bootleg remix of Waves on SoundCloud and earned over 1.5 million plays in less than a month, and 300+ million streams to date. Mr.Probz told Billboard magazine, “At the time there were a lot of remixes and bootlegs everywhere after the original hit the ceiling in Holland. But when my manager told me about Robin Schulz’s version, I gave it a listen and right away we already knew that if we would want to make a move like that, it should be that version. We contacted Robin’s people after that and the rest is history.” In support of an official release, his label Left Lane Recordings licensed the remix to Ultra Music (US) and Sony Music Entertainment (rest of world). The track went to #2 for several weeks in the international Beatport charts. In February 2014, Waves became #1 in Germany and was the first time Mr. Probz scored a number one hit outside of The Netherlands, selling over 400.000 singles of the remix. This was only the beginning. The UK followed in April 2014, where Mr Probz became one of the few Dutch artists in its Chart history, to reach an official number #1 position and selling over one million singles. In May 2014, Mr. Probz even reached the #1 position in the European Airplay Page 4 of 5 Charts. Also in the US, Mr. Probz started building on this success. ‘Waves’ is the highest charting all Dutch song in the US since the Golden Earring decades ago and he has since collaborated with US artists like 50 Cent (for his album Animal Ambition), Chris Brown, T.I. (both for the remix of Waves), EDM superstars like David Guetta, Afrojack, Armin van Buuren and many others. Late 2014 Mr. Probz dropped his new single ‘Nothing Really Matters’, a powerful ballad, accompanied by a motion picture-like video. It immediately jumped straight to number 1 on all Dutch music charts, where it has been for more than six weeks. Mr. Probz continued to churn out another hit in 2016 with the release of “Fine Ass Mess”. He hopes to continue that same success in the first quarter of 2017 with the release of “Till You’re Loved”. This musician has only just entered the world stage and he is already out there smashing sales records, working with musical legends and performing in front of amazing crowds. There have been a large amount of interesting encounters, collaborations and adventures already but in the midst of it all, he is fully focused on completing his first major label release.


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