Dutch duo Blasterjaxx and Belgian producer Yves V team up to create “That Big”, set to be released on Spinnin RecordsBlasterjaxx has been destroying everything they put out and so has Yves V, so it’s only natural that when they team up, the create a massive song!

The song has that distinct Blasterjaxx sound that everybody knows, and Yves V adds some of his sounds too. The melody consists of amazing strings, much like Yves V & Dani L Mebius‘ “Chained” and Blasterjaxx remix of Tiesto‘s“Adagio for Strings.” The drop has the Blasterjaxx sound, but it is definitely evident Yves V helped out. I love the overall sound of this song. Expect it to be played a lot and for a long time. “That Big” is an amazing song, I can’t say much more.

Out on September 20th.


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