Having rubbed shoulders with Deadmau5 and Felix Da Housecat amid their live escapades, Los Angeles based duo Deth Hertz have proven a subtle yet powerful force behind their obscure moniker. Their debut mark for Chris Lake’s Rising imprint alongside hometown peers No Body, however, marks a notably potent first solid association with the mysterious duo. Fusing epic keys alongside a prime dose melodic leads, the apex of ‘Ready 2 Fly’ tailors to the eclectic realms of wobble-orientated Electro House with a stern backbone. Winding in and out of the tracks melodic foreground, their juggling of studio dimensions marks an impressive first for these well-groomed duo’s and while their apex may deal in a sound somewhat oversubscribed within the digital market, Deadmau5’s early support for the track indicates that the American collective’s have made the first of many positive moves on their journey upwards.

Deth Hertz & No Body – Ready 2 Fly [Rising Music] – Beatport Link

Deth Hertz & No Body – Ready 2 Fly


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