Jiar Garmiani was only seconds away from being run over by a train and losing his life one night last year. The jump away from the rails left him with a hearing loss on his left ear for two weeks as he hit a reling. Reminded of the fact that it all can be taken away in a second, the stockholm based musician found a greater appreciation for life and his biggest passion, music. 

Garmiani has been a DJ and producer his entire life. He has worked with lables like Sony and Universal, had #1 chart positions and won music awards, all of it under different aliases. Fueled with newfound energy, he decided it was time to launch a new act and take his music in a different direction. This time using his real name.

Combining emotional vocals and melodies with a high-energy electro house drop, “In Front Of Your Eyes” is his first offering. With tons of originals, remixes and bootlegs in the pipeline, we present Garmiani, the latest addition to the Swedish EDM team.

“In Front Of Your Eyes” is out on Peak Hour Music the 24th of April (Exclusive on Beatport the first two weeks).


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