The Wulf keeps up the momentum as he drops his latest single on SPRS Records (Spinnin). Using his debut record to lay his claim down, he has established his name in developing the ultimate club sound and is set to mark his name to an enviable list of stand out producers with his solo debut, ‘Keep Me Waiting’.

Not long ago emerging on the scene, UK producer The Wulf has made a resounding impact with both his released music and a number of IDs heard echoing around Miami Music Week. Influenced by the sounds of Detroit Techno and Chicago house, he has mixed in his own European vibe, resulting in vibrant and energetic floor tracks.

Yet, with this in mind you are unable to limit The Wulf to one particular genre. Unlike artists who quickly get pigeonholed to tech house, deep house or a future house approach, here’s one that navigates in between all of these sounds using the influence to create a whole sound of his own. His debut single ‘Good Vibes’, with Kryder, displays that formula, and shot him to the attention of the worldwide platform as the track peaked in the top 5 in the Beatport house chart.

Fast forward to now and the highly anticipated solo debut is here. ‘Keep Me Waiting’ delivers on the promise of energizing the dancefloor with a funky bassline coupled up with a thumping drum ensemble. Together with the interwining vocals and catchy piano chords, it is simply a classy piece of house music built for the clubs, accessible to all.

Summer time is upon us and so is its anthem. ‘Keep Me Waiting’ will get you in the mood anytime..


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