ASTR – Operate (The Chainsmokers Remix)
ASTR - Operate (The Chainsmokers Remix)
ASTR shot us the stems and the song came together really fast. With amazing vocals and instrumentation like in the original, this song was sorta true to the expression dont try to teach an old dog new tricks…. the song was already so full, so we weren’t trying to revolutionize it, even stripped of its instrumental it had class, it was really just a matter of finding sounds that were simple. We see our remixes as always being these colorful emotional experiences and this whole song is this dark plush sponge of red, and once we found our sounds, within an hour the melody was set, and it was just a question of pouring sand into a bottle of rocks (PS way to many metaphors in that description)

Anyway, this jam definitely isn’t exploding with neons and cool air like Julian, but its got this sense of mystery, like a beautiful girl eating a plum on the corner of a street at night… but we did our best and we hope you enjoy it… You know how we feel about creating our sound, if the music doesnt make you feel like something then we didn’t make it 😉 We hope in your eyes we are keeping up with our quality and keeping it interesting… the day you open one of our songs up/emails and are like blah blah blah, well actually that day will never come…
Actually, the other night had a special moment while making this song… it just was a feeling that overwhelmed that things change so fast and so much, like finishing something you started… its just been special for us building this up with yo,u 3 #1’s on Hypemachine in a row now, it means an unbelievable amount to us…


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