Bastille – Flaws (The Chainsmokers Remix)(Virgin)
So Flaws to us was this really interesting quirky track that had this really lovely energy and sadness to it, and felt like it wanted to be dance-able but also didn’t in the original and personally we loved it for that off kilter feeling, but we thought for a remix applying some more straightforward rocking percussion would really give the song this phoenix-esque feel and make it less ballady and more of a song you’d press play on while cruising down the PCH. And of course Dan Smith’s voice is what really is the most special thing in the tune maybe the most special thing on the planet, and we didn’t want to have them get lost in the production so we wanted every sound to really serve a purpose and keep it simple and tight… 
So there you go, in many ways this reminds us of one of our favorite remixes, ‘Trying To be Cool’ a superb vocal and you just sorta compliment it the way the original sorta left it hanging in regards to turning it into a more danceable uptempo song which is what a remix is for. We  definitely didn’t want to go the progressive house route on this bad boy..

Anyway, Bastille is pretty much the hottest shit on earth, we should have just sent a link with the song and the words bastille above it and that alone should be enough to be like cool let me listen, I mean they covered No Scrubs by TLC and actually made it a beautiful song… they could prlly even make #SELFIE sound beautiful hahaha… Anyway, anyone else sick of this cold weather… Lets get festival season started already! And thanks for making 2014 the most exciting years of our lives, we have a lot to fill you all in, very soon 🙂


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