Cort Records after a Successfully fist release from owner Chadash Cort ,now continue with Russian Superstar Dj M.E.G.


The artist who’s producing hit after hit – Dj M.E.G, is back with his latest single release – dreamily named ‘Calipso’.

Russian star, Dj M.E.G has without doubt been on fire throughout 2012
having released the ‘Stock-holm’, and reached Top 100 beatport chart and
Black hole Ep2 with Rock the beat worked hard in the studio to bring us
‘Calipso’ – all whilst touring the globe and playing sold out shows

Starting the year as meaning to go on, Dj M.E.G drops ‘Calipso’, a track
of epic proportion, with neat vocal edits, huge bass and progressive
arrangements. The perfect start to 2013 from Dj M.E.G, the year tipped
to be his biggest yet.


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