Dj U-Cef - Uras (The Remixes)

“DJ U-Cef’s latest stunning single which went out a few weeks ago, has been released Remixes. Mike Pearl and Ellroy Clerk teamed up to bring us their fantastic modern style with impressive chords. Vesco Lazovich, a new incorporation to Dbeatzion, made more a kind of “superwave-housey” version. And finally, not being less, Chriss V – a classic on the label. With his very own sound he was able yet again to play around with a wide variety of melodies and arpeggios. And that’s pretty much it fellows, a great Remixed Single just as Dbeatzion always get us used to hear.”

DBR136 | DJ U-Cef – Uras (The Remixes)

September 26 Traxsource Exclusive

October 10 Beatport + All Stores

Traxsource | Beatport


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