Jăka Banditu’ – Pr0blemele (Videoclip, Download, Lyrics)
Jăka Banditu’ (read it „Zheka”) is a Moldavian born MC/rapper, that currently lives and creates his music in his studio in LasVegas, USA.
One interesting fact abut Jăka is that he writes the lyrics in the same slang people use to talk on the streets or Moldova, that’s why the connection between him and his fan base is a really strong and close one.

This is his second music video for a track called „Pr0blemele” („Pr0blems” and yeah, that’s a 0 not an O), shot entirely by himself and his friends on a GoPRO HERO3+ Black.

The track was produced by DablaDO @ Alkemics and the video was made by Swoad.
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