Danny Thorn is no newcomer to Southside Recordings, with four releases/remixes on our label. This time, it’s not a remix but a original track, with Amanda Wilson on the vocal.

Mr Thorn has been away for a while, seeking inspiration in Singapore & Kuala Lumpur as a DJ. But also to take his time, meticulously tweaking every part of this track.
Danny Thorn – ”I believe that the longer you have been into making music, the more effort you want to put in every track. You always put up new goals and want to deliver a package, as good as possible.”

“Out of time” consists of a strong synth melody, the same piano as in Mark Knight & Florence (how da hell did Danny get that? – Southside has been looking for it!), and that typical ”Swedish touch”

Oh. Forgot one thing. Amanda Wilson.
Danny Thorn explains – ”I remember when I was younger, listening to tracks she had sung and I used to say – what if one day, I can have someone like her singing on my track? So yeah, it’s without a doubt a big deal for me and a great milestone is reached.”

Amanda Wilson namedropping: Freemasons, Wawa, Thomas Gold, Chuckie, Promise Land, Gusto, Tim Berg aka Avicii, Mastiksoul… Well, quiet frankly, listing all her collaborations and all of her success… Then we will be – “Out of Time”


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