Thomas Amundsen  “I Feel EP” 
Beatport link:  // 
Genre: Techno – Deep Tech
Release Date: 3.9.2012
Release Date Exclusive BEATPORT: 20.8.2012 (2 Weeks Exclusive on Beaport)
# Tracks: 3
Feel the music with the latest release of Norwegian producer/DJ, Thomas Amundsen’s “I Feel EP” on Fusion Recordings. Featuring 2 tracks entitled, “I Feel” & “The Ringshifter”. 
Fusion Recordings is where DJ Center Music Group fuses the best of techno, electro, and deep tech altogether. Since 2004, the label has been featuring underground tracks from worldwide renowned DJs and Producers such as Wally Lopez, Sebastian Leger, Les Schmitz, Elio Riso, Da Fresh, David Gausa, Kiko, Funk Avy, and many more! Let your party fall into place and come together with Fusion Recordings!


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