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Adventure Club – Limitless Feat. Delaney Jane (Free Download)

As ADVENTURE CLUB gears up for their ‘When Darkness Falls’ tour--set to begin on October 1, the dynamic Canadian duo of Christian Srigley and Leighton James further fans appetites with their newest track, “Limitless.” The single comes after a massive performance in NYC over...

Adventure Club Crash 2.0 Preview (Official #EDCLV 2015 Anthem)

For their new single “Crash 2.0,” out now on BMG, Canadian electronic music production and DJ duo 'ADVENTURE CLUB’ teamed with Los Angeles DJ/producer DallasK for a unique take on their song “Crash” from their debut EP Calling All Heroes. The Adventure Club vs DallasK track interweaves the original version of “Crash,” keeping its mesmerizing hook and vocal...