After Paris The Chainsmokers  shared new song. They just released with Coldplay.

Well to give a little background they had heard through the grapevine that Coldplay listened to their music sometimes before they went on stage. So they reached out with the big old question mark about potentially working together. To say they were in shock when they said they would love to would be an understatement. So about 3 months ago The Chainsmokerse went into the studio and on the first day came up with what is now this song. Obviously it took some tinkering and stuff but working with Coldplay was incredible, Chris and the band are such visionaries and they bring the same warmth in their music as they did to to this project.

So we kept this a secret for 3 months and the plan was always to premiere the song with them at the Brits in London as a total surprise and release the song online at the same time. When The Chainsmokers talked about this plan it seemed so ridiculous I think drew and myself both half heartedly believed it, but here we are mission accomplished!


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