Today, Grammy Award-winning DJ/producer Tiësto released the music video for his single, “On My Way,” which features the vocal stylings of up-and-coming duo, Bright Sparks. The exciting new video features footage filmed by some of YouTube’s most well-known stars from around the world, (including RCLBeauty101 from the United States, Werevertumorro from Mexico, Dagi Bee from Germany, HIKAKIN and SEIKIN from Japan, The Royal Stampede from Australia, and LubaTV from Brazil), as they travel to Las Vegas to celebrate Tiësto’s birthday with the legend himself at Hakkasan Nightclub.

“The 24 hours of traveling was all worth it when we were greeted with such an amazing experience and the chance to party with the legend, Tiësto! So stoked to have been part of this video.“ – The Royal Stampede

“On My Way” is Tiësto’s first official single of 2017. The song celebrates those individuals who stay true to themselves in pursuit of their ambitions. This trait, which has been central to Tiësto’s career, is one also shared by the video creators. Each YouTuber has become successful on YouTube’s platform by developing a distinct voice and embracing their different backgrounds and communities. In the video, the YouTube superstars bring this individualism to the footage filmed. Together, they captured the fun energy of “On My Way” through their respective journeys to Vegas. The video ends with all of the YouTubers coming together to meet Tiësto and celebrating at Hakkasan – music, lights, confetti and balloons heralding their arrival.

2017 continues to be a busy year for the dance music icon. Tiësto performed at Clé in Houston this past Super Bowl weekend and he will continue touring worldwide, with 2 sold-out performances at Brooklyn Hangar on Feb 24th and Feb 25th. This marks the DJ’s first shows in the borough. With new videos and music releases in the pipeline, Tiësto fans have much to look forward to. Make sure to learn the latest by visiting Tiësto’s website,, and check out the new video for “On My Way” by visiting,


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