Daydreams are a gift most often neglected, left to drift off into a world of wonder all on their own. Those who live in their daydreams, who truly embody what it means to live a life of fantasy, give the rest of us some sliver of hope; Tim Legend represent all those who aren’t too afraid to live within their own world, to create their own destiny, and defy convention. Today marks the release of the official music video to the virally streamed and critically acclaimed single, “Hope,” ft. BRAVE in partnership with Txori Animation; set in a beautifully stylized dystopian city, a story of promise and living a life beyond the walls of our own mind unfolds, providing an excellent complement the beauty of the song.

Tim Legend broke out in 2016 with his hit single, “Hope,” garnering nearly 30,000,000 streams on Spotify alone. Now the 17-year-old producer is signed to Ultra Records, and is set to take 2017 by storm, with more original releases to follow. 


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